Special Circumstances and Policies

Readmission and Reinstatement

Any student who voluntarily withdraws from the College and wishes to apply for readmission should begin the process by contacting the Student Success Center. For additional information, please refer to the steps outlined for Readmission to Providence College.

A student who is dismissed for academic reasons may appeal to the Committee on Academic Status for reinstatement to the College as outlined in the Academic Policies section of the College Catalog.

Early Graduation from High School

Students who are graduating from high school in fewer than four years of attendance are required to have an interview with the Office of Admission. Interviews should be arranged directly with the admission counselor responsible for your high school. Interviews can be conducted in person on or off campus, or through a video platform, such as Skype or Zoom.

Transfer vs. First-Year

Students who have earned at least 12 transferable credits after graduating from high school may apply for admission as a transfer student. Students who earned an associate’s degree in a dual enrollment program while simultaneously earning a high school diploma must apply as first-year students.

Deferring Enrollment

It is possible for admitted students to defer enrollment for up to one year. Students wishing to defer admission should contact the Office of Admission by August 1 to explain the reasons for the request. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to students confirming their deferral and notifying them that they may not enroll in a post-graduate program or as a matriculated student at another institution. During the deferral period, however, students may earn a maximum of eight college credits. For purposes of determining whether credits taken during the deferral year may be counted among the credits required to graduate from Providence College, our Transfer Credit Policy will apply.

Students granted a deferral still are expected to submit the non-refundable enrollment fee by May 1 to secure their place in the class, and (if applicable) their merit scholarship. For students who defer for a year, it is important to note that financial aid packages may be modified for the next year. Students must re-apply each year for need-based financial aid and submit the appropriate CSS Profile and FAFSA by the deadlines published on our website.

Disciplinary Violations and History

As part of both the first-year and transfer application process, students are asked to answer questions related to disciplinary history. Past incidents do not necessarily disqualify applicants from consideration for admission. Students must immediately notify and update the College if there are changes to the information provided as part of their application. Providence College reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission if we learn of behavior that brings into question an admitted student’s honesty, maturity, or good moral character, or that would otherwise have caused us not to have extended an offer of admission.