Admission for Homeschooled Students

Professor Lecturing Classroom
Providence College welcomes applications from homeschooled students. Like all other students seeking undergraduate admission to Providence College, homeschooled students apply using the Common Application. These additional guidelines may be helpful as you complete your application. Context of a student’s academic environment is the most important piece of the academic review process that the committee on admission considers during the evaluation of each candidate’s application. The initial review of all application files is conducted by geographic region, which helps each member of the admission staff to understand the academic environment, opportunities for advanced coursework, and other special programs that may be available within a specific curriculum. We would like to understand the following:
  • How was your learning organized
  • What were the benefits to a homeschooling program
  • How and why your family chose this curriculum
Homeschooled applicants are expected to complete the same curriculum requirements as students from traditional high schools who are applying to Providence College. Generally speaking, students who are most competitive for admission to Providence College have taken 4 years of the 5 core subject areas:
  • English
  • Math
  • Science (with a lab)
  • History/social science
  • Foreign language
Students residing in states that require authorization for homeschooling are required to submit certification from the superintendent’s office of the public school district in which they reside. Students living in states not requiring authorization must submit a curriculum description in addition to the high school transcript.  Please note that we do not accept the GED in lieu of a high school diploma. Providence College is test optional in the admission process. However, homeschooled applicants are highly encouraged to submit standardized testing scores as part of the review process. Since your educational program is non-traditional, the SAT or ACT scores help to confirm with the committee a student’s academic fit. Required Documents for Homeschooled Applicants:
  • Common Application
  • Secondary School Report (Please provide curriculum information for context of learning)
  • Personal Essay
  • Standardized Test Scores (optional but highly encouraged)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: one academic (parent or instructor) and someone who offers a different perspective of applicant (preferably outside the home).
  • All Academic Transcripts: high school and collegiate (if applicable). Transcript must have a grade assigned to academic courses and the date they have been completed. Grades do not have to be included for courses in progress.
Please note that all homeschooled applicants are required to have an interview. Homeschool Students are assigned an admission counselor based on their home address. We recommend using the tool on the Contact page to search for a school in your town to identify your admission counselor.