Transfer Interviews

Each transfer student brings his or her own unique educational experience and circumstances when entering the transfer admission process. Transfer students are welcome and encouraged to schedule a transfer interview at their convenience throughout the year to discuss the possibility of a transfer to Providence College.

Scheduling Your Personal Interview

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Transfer Interview Notes

Interviews are non-evaluative, informational meetings which give transfer students a chance to meet one-on-one with the transfer counselor.

Interviews allow transfer students to ask questions about all aspects of Providence College and the transfer admission process.  They also provide an opportunity to discuss appropriate curriculum choices for students who plan to apply for transfer admission in the future.

Students are welcome to bring unofficial transcripts for an unofficial transcript credit evaluation, but should note that faculty members determine if courses will transfer for credit.  While many courses have already been reviewed and are documented in the transfer credit library, the transfer counselor may not be able to give a full transfer credit evaluation at the time of the interview.

Interviews are not required for admission to Providence College.  Students who do not schedule an interview will receive full consideration for admission and will not be at a disadvantage in the application review process.

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