Mariela Flores ’23

English, Creative Writing

mariela flores '23

For Mariela Flores ’23, Providence College is a place of constant activity and endless variety. Known as an avid writer and storyteller among peers, she contributes to the portfolio section of The Cowl and performs with the coed student a cappella group “Strictly Speaking.” “I wear many different hats,” she says of her life outside the classroom. “And PC students have an amazing way of stretching themselves super far.”

An English and creative writing major, Mariela has long been drawn to the art of self-expression. But as an undeclared freshman with an eclectic range of interests and passions, she was unsure as to which discipline would unlock the fullest of her potential. That all changed after meeting two professors — one in an Intro to Latinx Literature course, and the other in a Prose Poetry course — who provided a sense of direction and helped her find what she was looking for.

As a senior, Mariela spends much of her time at Moore Hall, which she describes as a thriving and culturally affirming space. When not engaged in her artistic pursuits, Mariela enjoys serving fellow students as a head resident assistant in Davis Hall and as a member of SHEPARD, a support group for the LGBTQ+ community. She also helps incoming first-year students as part of the Friar Foundations and Peer Mentor Programs, transition networks designed to ease the changeover from high school to college. “Having someone to anchor you in your first year is highly important,” she says. “And being a resource, especially for students of color, has been so rewarding.”

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