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The Dominican Difference
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The Dominican Difference

At Providence College, our Catholic and Dominican identity influences everything we do. This means our commitment to service is deeply connected to contemplation. It means the students are encouraged to reflect on the greater meaning of their outreach and build real relationships with the people they serve. It means faith is integral in our search for truth.

Through our shared experiences, we come closer to God as individuals and as a community. At Providence College, you’ll have countless opportunities to connect and explore.

Join our liturgical choir. Build new friendships through the Connections Retreat and the Peer Ministry Program. Drop by one of our Theology on Tap lectures. Join us in serving those in need — around the corner and around the world. And add your own voice to the century-long Providence College faith tradition.

Explore more about our PC’s Catholic and Dominican tradition.

What is the role religion plays in student life at Providence College?

Since its founding in 1917, Providence College has been under the auspices of the Dominican Friars, a Religious Order within the Catholic Church, whose motto and mission is the preaching and teaching of “Veritas” (Truth) wherever any of its traces can be found. Currently, more than forty Dominicans live on-campus, both in the St. Thomas Aquinas Priory and among the students in the residence halls.

Our College’s mission statement indicates our reason for being, namely that the Dominican tradition of quality teaching and scholarship “actively cultivates intellectual, spiritual, ethical and aesthetic values within the Judeo-Christian heritage.” Our academic curriculum exemplifies this mission; within the core curriculum, six (6) credits of theology are required, and these courses compliment others being studied.

Approximately 65 percent of the students attending Providence College identify themselves as Catholic. Through the Campus Ministry Center, a wide variety of opportunities are available for a student to be involved in the College’s spiritual life. While the opportunity for student participation in the liturgical life of the College exists, attendance at Mass is optional. In addition, the College’s Campus Ministry Organization supports more than a thousand students, young men and women from a variety of different faith paths, who are encouraged to consider the wide array of service opportunities that accent that special dimension of the College’s life with the unique and personal importance of our Catholic heritage.