Counselor Visit Opportunities

Rhode Island Association of Admission Officers (RIAAO) Counselor Tour

Each spring, Providence College participates in the Rhode Island Association of Admission Officers (RIAAO) Counselor Tour. RIAAO hosts the annual Counselor College Tour, which allows counselors to visit the 10 four-year institutions in Rhode Island. This program is open to domestic and international school counselors from public, private, and parochial secondary schools, as well as independent counselors and community college advisors. Each year, one counselor from a Rhode Island secondary school is also selected to participate. Every stop includes a campus tour, meeting with admission representatives, breakfast/lunch/dinner, and other programming the institution has designed. Counselors can expect to spend up to 3 hours at each institution.

Local Counselor Day

Offered every other year, Local Counselor Day welcomes school and college counselors from schools near our campus to join us for the opportunity to learn about the type of student who is a great fit for PC, as well as witness the great transformation our campus has undergone in the past decade. Future dates have not yet been announced.

Visiting Rhode Island?

Whether you are taking a family vacation to Cape Cod or exploring beautiful Rhode Island, we would love for you to visit our amazing campus. Come see for yourself the recent additions to campus, such as the Ryan Center for Business Studies, Science Complex, Anderson Stadium and much more! We encourage all counselors planning a visit to campus to notify us so we can arrange a comprehensive experience that fits your needs. Please contact the counselor for your region to let us know when you will be on campus.