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Enrolling Before Seeing Campus

Fall Campus Photo of Science Complex and Ruane Center for the Humanities

“I enrolled at PC before visiting.
Zero regrets.”

Whether it’s the pandemic or distance or both, you may not have gotten as deep a dive and as close a look at Providence College as you’d like. It may feel like a leap of faith choosing a college this year.

Take it from Facundo “Nuno” Sepulveda ’22, a student from Puerto Rico who enrolled before seeing campus: the leap is worth it. Read about how Providence College exceeded his expectations and chat with current students for authentic perspectives.

Facundo “Nuno” Sepulveda ’22

What did you do in lieu of visiting to learn more about Providence College?

I had the benefit of knowing someone from back home in Puerto Rico who attended PC. She told me that it was a great place and that I should give it a shot even if I couldn’t visit campus. I did my own research, especially about campus resources and facilities, and liked what I saw — especially the photos of the Science Complex.

I recommend reaching out to admission staff or students online or by phone. The people are helpful here.

Were you nervous about the decision to enroll?

I’m not going to lie; I was super nervous. It seemed like such a risk compared to staying in Puerto Rico, which is what my parents thought I would do. But I took the chance and was determined to make it count.

What were you most excited to see when you arrived in Providence? Did it live up to expectations?

It’s not so much about what I wanted to see; it’s what I wanted to feel. I wanted to feel what the community was like rather than just see photos. And that feeling didn’t disappoint.

I was also excited for winter, as crazy as that sounds. Anyone who doesn’t live where it snows has this idealized notion of what snow is. My first New England winter changed that notion some, but seeing the seasons change is still one of my favorite parts of living in Providence.

Did anything surprise you when you arrived?

Even though I had seen plenty of photos, I was still impressed by the beauty of campus. I thought to myself, “This is how I imagined a college should look.” I was also surprised by how often you see people you know around campus.

And then there were the sunsets. The sunsets in Puerto Rico are mostly orange. When I saw my first bright-pink sunset in Providence, it was gorgeous.

What advice would you give students considering Providence College who won’t be able to visit before the enrollment deadline?

If you’re looking for an inviting place where you’ll have a community like family and a very personal experience — go for PC. If you know someone you trust at PC, talk to them about it. If you don’t, trust me.

Would you change your decision if you could?

No. It was a risk, but it was well worthwhile. I took a leap of faith. Take it from someone who’s been in your position before — you’ll find good friends, the right major, and great opportunities here.

Make the Leap.

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