Define Providence

providence* • noun

prov·​i·​dence | \ ˈprä-və-dən(t)s, -ˌden(t)s \

Definition of providence

1a often capitalized : divine guidance or care

1b capitalized : God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny

2 : the quality or state of being provident

*This is how Merriam-Webster defines providence. Here, you’ll find out how members of the Providence College community define providence.

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A liberal arts education is an invitation to excel in scholarship, creativity, and character. Providence College students are defined by excellence because they define — and redefine — it every day.


5 things you need to  know about  Civ:
1.Development of Western Civilization (aka Civ or DWC) is Providence College’s signature course, a four-semester, interdisciplinary exploration of cultural and intellectual history. It is focused primarily, though not exclusively, on the Western tradition. 2. In Civ, you’ll learn to respectfully discuss and debate big ideas with your peers — things like democracy, morality, social justice, and the nature of truth. In the process, you’ll hone your writing and debating skills, which will prepare you to lead at work and in society. 3. You’ll read works from some of the most important authors in the Western tradition, such as Homer, Dante, Mary Shelley, and Zora Neale Hurston.
4. You will learn how the Catholic tradition has played a central role in the development of Western civilization. 5. Civ culminates in a colloquium, a small, interdisciplinary class in which students and faculty explore a variety of contemporary and historical topics in depth — everything from Apocalypse to Money, Markets, and Morality.


By the Numbers


of 2020 graduates are employed and/or attending graduate school  


of 2020 graduates are working in their desired field


is the mean starting salary within 6 months of graduation.


PC offers all of the amenities, facilities, and opportunities of a big campus with the benefits of a small school. That means Division I athletics and 120+ clubs and organizations paired with small classes, personalized attention, and friends who become like family.

By the Numbers


student clubs and organizations


College-sponsored events per year


of students play at least one intramural sport

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Providence is a city that defies definition. The heart of town is a five-minute drive (or free bus ride with a student I.D.) from campus, and it beats around the clock with an energy better experienced than explained. A cosmopolitan capital of creativity packed with local customs and quirks, Providence is the ideal college town precisely because it is so much more than a college town. 

Rhode Island is home to the corporate headquarters of companies including FM Global, Hasbro, Fidelity, and CVS. That — along with its proximity to Boston and New York — means students have access to some of the best internship and career opportunities in the Northeast. 

Discover Providence
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PC is the only college in the country administered by Dominican friars. Some 50 Dominican friars and sisters live, teach, and pray on campus.

4 Pillars of Dominican Spirituality
1. Community: Together, we can see the truth more fully than we can alone. 2. Study: We pursue the truth and use our talents to approach it from new angles.
3. Prayer: We encounter the truth personally and lovingly as we open ourselves to God. 4. Preaching: We share the truth with others in our words and actions.


We encourage you to visit virtually to discover what sets PC apart. With our size, range of academic options, and location, many students describe PC as “just right.” If you agree, we look forward to helping you define your future here.